Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Moments in time

1 I’m feeling a little house-bound at the moment | 2 the perfect egg | 3 the weeds are winning | 4 weeding the paving | 5 early morning, when the day is still cooler than the water in the pool | 6 I miss our chats | 7 a bird dropped a feather, a present | 8 other uses for the red table | 9 stocking fillers | 10 hanging my heart for all to see | 11 could it be any greener? | 12 what are they teaching the children? placing babies in plastic bags like this | 13 such a good book | 14 nice breakfast | 15 changes in a moment | 16 sunshine again after two weeks of overcast | 17 pumpkin present | 18 lamb’s ears | 19 I hate to do a big shop | 20 you need lots of these to shop | 21 a prettyugly going to a new home | 22 present for trish | 23 presents for the girls | 24 gift card from the office | 25 present from jill | 26 present from trish, ever time I go near the packet something growls at me | 27 reading a book that explains the mysteries of science but most explanations end with: ... are still unknown LOL! | 28 even I can eat 2-minute noodles if I jazz it up a bit. peas, feta, pesto and herbs

Menu – Saturday night

Watermelon and ginger cocktail. Green grapes, camembert and biltong served with puff pastry whirls. I  rubbed chilli jam, garlic and parsley onto the pastry, rolled it up, cut into slices and baked until golden. Chickpeas salad with sticky sausages (not shown).

Dinner at the red table

From my secret Santa

I got this most beautiful shawl - from someone who obviously knows me and, perhaps, likes me. Thank you so much. And some chocolates - yum.
The guy that got my secret Santa thought it was pretty k.... LOL!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

4 days later

LOL! What was I thinking – I have to admit it now, I am unable to keep a work surface neat and tidy. Clutter, clutter. Included the original pic for a comparison.

Christmas preparations 6

Saw something similar on the internet last night. Make up with envelops. On the wall outside – I'm sure the rain will take it down :)

...and the sun goes down

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Secret Santa

We have to get a gift for a colleague, drew a name out of the hat, for our Christmas party. I have made a book of quotes. leather-bound, nogal, and I have used hair clips as page markers, as a dash of humour. If you were to see his kuif (fringe) you'll understand. Wrapped up in last season's paper.

Monday, 10 December 2012


The rhyme is inspired by the one book I read: Watch out for sprouts by Simon Bartram. Obviously not as good as Simon, but I had fun.

Books galore

Went mad in the book shops this weekend.

Red table

Why a red table out on the patio? To match my mosaics on the wall.

Studio work station

I decided to put in a work station in the studio that was larger than a postage stamp. My desk is always cluttered with stuff, so there's never any place to work. Just 2 trestle and a masonite door, painted. Setting up for all the great things I want to make next year.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My dad's Grundig

My dad used to tune in to the stations in Germany. If you look at the top left pic you'll see black khoki marks along the bottom band, he marked his favourite stations. It made that crackling sound, and other sounds as you dialled across stations that could have been signals from alien spaceships :D
This item is now at my brother's house.

Join the squares to make the square

Made this up this morning before coming to work.
 Bought the squares at Kamersvol – Design Team stand.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

No! I did not forget!

I'm just a little late. Hope you had a great day!

While I wait

While I was waiting for them to lay the carpets (got the cheapest ones, my dear) I kept busy by: finishing my book, doing the last few puzzles in the sudoku book (I got 9 out of 100 wrong, so my mark is 91%, wow, I thought :D). I got my paints and pastels out and experimented a bit. I took all the papers I've been collecting of work that inspires me and stuck them up on my studio wall.