Monday, 31 August 2015

From white to stone wash

We have revamped the bathroom for my clients. Still have to sort out the floor and hang something on the wall, but so far we're happy with our work. Only bought a new toilet. The shelf is a piece of wood we found in the storeroom and the nicknacks were sourced from the clutter in the house. Oh yes, we did buy the mirrors from Mr Price. Stone wash is the colour we painted the walls.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Driving home

Driving home from work there was a full moon ahead of me and a fat orange sun behind, and furthermore it is Friday! Yay!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Where the wild things are

We couldn't face another full weekend of DIY, so we went to a place, close to home, where the wild things are ;-)

I love the waterbuck, and the eland and seeing the string of wildebeest walking down we ask ourselves: Are we in the Serengeti? Ha, ha, kidding. The day was hot and the grass is still dry and I imagine once we have had some rain it will be difficult to find the animals. 
Wild dog, aaah! Made my day. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Buried Giant

It's taken me three weeks to read this book. The last 54 pages took me a week. I tried to read in bed, late at night but kept falling asleep. Eventually, one evening, as soon as I got home from work I ran a bath, lots of bubbles, and I soaked while I finished the book.

So, although I could guess how it would end I was hoping I would be wrong, but I was not. There was no happy ending. I cried: no, no, no! But, alas, the author showed me no mercy and had it his way.

"This country awakens so many memories, though each seems like some restless sparrow I know will flee any moment into the breeze."

"...and I know my god looks uneasily on our deeds of that day. Yet it's long past and the bones lie sheltered beneath a pleasant green carpet."

The Buried Giant © Kazuo Ishiguro 2015

When I grow up I'm going to be a Christmas present

I filled these terracotta pots (6 small and 3 large) with plants and succulents from my garden. I hope by Christmas the pots will look awesome, stuffed and brimming over with greenness and best wishes.

Recycling a light fitting

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stencil onto wood

Last year I made up one of these, the design was slightly different, and it was white on wood.
This one is gold, translucent, onto wood. It looks at lot softer than the white. I wish I had rather made it up in white. Too late, she cried. I'm not cutting it all out again ;-)

Okay, it's no big deal really, you just stick your design onto the wood with spray glue, cut along the design then pull off the area you want in colour. Spray lightly and voila! I coat it with a layer of varnish.

Baking and caking

My sister-in-law made this delicious lemon drizzle cake. We also got some slices to take home.

On Saturday for lunch I made the roasted vegetable tart, which we had for supper as well.

Sunday with the family

Went down for the day to be with my family, but most of my time was spent with my nieces. They were in and out the tent all afternoon. The static in the tent made their hair stand on end. And there were at least 4 wardrobe changes. We had a lot of fun.

My poor sister-in-law spent all day creating one masterpiece after the other in her new oven. My brother braaied like we South Africans do on a Sunday.

Saturday afternoon nap

Let sleeping dogs sleep, I say.

It was the long weekend and we were so lazy. A lovely sunny day just reading and napping. Even the dogs.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Oh ye of little faith

In my local Clicks the condoms are stacked side-by-side with the pregnancy test kits.
Planning ahead, or heat of the moment. Pick one or the other ;-)