Thursday, 13 October 2016

Worshipping the sun

Anton Smit has a sculpture park in Bronkhorstspruit, which is on my to-do list. But I saw on his Facebook page that he was invited to do installations of his artwork at the new Menlyn Maine mall, so I went there instead. I loved his work but wished I could remove the building and cars so they could be viewed against the magnificent sky. It was difficult to photograph them without the clutter of the surroundings.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Turning Point Foundation Open Day at Mulligatawny Farm

Support a charity and have an absolutely beautiful experience!

They supplied a map with 25 sights you could see, then tick off the list. We went to every one of them and I photographed it all. I have spared you the journey of 432 photographs and have selected only a few here.

They had an open air church in the garden and it made me think of my dad. He always said: My garden is my church.

1 The Sulking Pond, 2 Garden Entrance, 3 The Tower, 4a Manor House, 4b Farm Stall, 5 Herb Garden, 6 Lily Pond, 7 The Brooke, 8 Look-out Point, 9 Bamboo Forest, 10 River Walk, 11 Potager, 12 The New Orchard, 13 The Fountain Garden, 14 Wetlands, 15 The Boat House, 16 Toilets, 17 The Grand Lawn, 18 Skeerpoort River, 19 Aviary, 20 Apiary, 21 St-Michael-in-the-Fields, 22 Grotto, 23 The Poultry Palace, 24 Kingfisher Cottage, 25 Toilets.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Delicious carrot cake

I found a recipe in the WW Taste magazine (page 70, October 2016) but it's pointless reproducing their recipe on my blog so I adapt it a little to make it my own. In the Taste recipe they take care care in mixing things up separately and then combining but I just put everything in one whole and whip it together. Ha, ha, you may prefer to rather the original method.

I wanted to add cranberries but dried cranberries are always too hard when everything else is soft so I heat them up in a little red wine. I decided to leave the sugar out of the batter and add a cream cream and honey topping.

Honestly, I  thought two carrots wouldn't be enough but it's plenty. Also I don't peel the carrots.
In the original recipe it instructs to preheat oven to 175° but I always use 180°. My mother baked everything at 180° and I am sticking to that too. Everything she baked was fantastic.

I think if she had written a cookbook its title would have been 180degrees.