Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas decorations

Cutting it a bit fine this year, but at last I have started making up my Christmas table decorations. Remember, I am using things I picked up in the garden or in the park.

So these are 2 large egg trays filled with things. They will be on the dining table and will be removed when the food is served. Once the table is cleared they will be placed back.

These are 6 egg egg trays filled with things which are the 'room-drops' ;-) Placed in the bedrooms in keeping with our 'Au Naturale' theme. Can be taken home by my guests, hmm, would they want to?

This is the table centre piece which will remain on the dining table at all times, even during the meal.

Adding some sparkle to the garden

I added some decorations to a tree that has died. We chopped it down and I took a branch, 'planted' in a pot and added some bling. I have placed it at the front door. Welcome everyone!

Monday, 9 December 2013


This years Kamersvol at Irene was the best one so far. Awesome. Looking forward to the one in Bryanston next year.

Fill each waking hour in useful ways

It seems a little frivolous to carry on posting things on my blog about ordinary things while we are mourning the loss of Madiba but I always go to this verse I found in the library (sorry, I do not remember the source, so I apologise for using it without permission) after a friend died in a freak accident in the 1970's. I didn't know how to deal with his death and these words were so wonderful and made me accept that life goes on and must be lived well.
I have used it many times through the years as inspiration and sent it to many people who have valued these words.

One great man

One great man made such a great difference not just to this country but to the world. We were so blessed to have had him, he taught us so much through words and deeds. Thank you. Rest in peace.

Goodbye Madiba

Beeld had the best copy and Rapport had the best image.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Made to order

I made up an order for PrettyUgly cats. They'll be named by their new owners.
Enough with these cats;-) I need to make something new.

I love baking

Advent calendar

Years ago I saw a salami advent calendar so now at last I made one for my brother, using a Hungarian salami. Hope he likes salami enough to enjoy a piece every day ;-)

BlackJack in the garden

I got a dog from the SPCA to keep M company, she was too lonely. This dog is young, full of energy, and spontaneous – it will be good for all of us. His name is BlackJack!

After the rain, clear skies

..and more rain

The garden is beginning to look really wonderful after all the rain.

Friday, 22 November 2013

A drop of rain

It rained last night and this morning these perfect drops were scattered across the plants.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013