Monday, 27 October 2014

Sunday summer lunch

The mushroom quiche was the starter. Then we had chicken kebabs, done on the braai, with the sweet potatoes and salad. Baked chocolate pudding for dessert, served with cream and the rest of the strawberries ;-) I will admit I was too lazy to bake a cake so those are store-bought biscuits. Deliciously, none the less.

Kingsway Mansions

My brother found this reference to drawings I did 25 years ago when I lived at Kingsway Mansions, that I had sent to my mother. I did these drawings from photographs I took in the flat. Whoa, long time ago but remember it like yesterday ;-)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Movember 2014 launch

Such a good cause, please participate, donate.
Trish and the model from Gillette shared a joke. The food was great, the speeches meaningful.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Reflections | A glimpse of where we are? |  Naartje - a South African favourite | Can't see the pancake for the sugar and cinnamon | My first McDonalds burger ever | More home baked bread | Not the right way up. Oops! | Table and chairs at an antique shop. We had the same at home in the 1960s | Same. Found in an antique store and selling as retro. My brother and I had these same chairs for our desks at home in the 1970s | Spring is so pretty | Go this way | First swim of summer | books we've read lately.

Te diep in die bottel gekyk!


I know Braaiday was last week but I am only just getting time to blog now.
We made a fire from wood we found in the garden, and our first greens for the salad from our vegetable garden. Great, lazy day.

Many squares make a whole blanket

Okay, the blanket is not done yet, but excited about the project. Love the colours.