Monday, 25 July 2011

Darling Buds of Mulberry

What are you thinking? It's still July!
And the weavers have also starting building their nests!

•+••=:....•* episode 5

So back to the part where SOBE stopped caring!
It wasn’t even as though she couldn’t see us or ignored us. NO! She started PHOTOGRAPHING us, frequently – as we were stripped of our dignity, voice-box and pulsating signal. She recorded it all! ARGGGGGH! – if we could just stick it to her! But – deep breath – we do no harm, we come in peace, we go with the flow, we trust our universal destiny will be fulfilled.
Right now it looks grim but as I said before, we have faith.

All weekend long

Lay under the tree, in the sun and read books. Wonderful!

Copyright © Haruki Murakami 1989

page 104: “Not really,” I said. “It’s just that the chaos has changed shape. The giraffe and the bear have traded hats, and the bear’s switched scarves with the zebra.”
“Same as ever,” I laughed.

page 239: she sat across from me with folded arms, fast asleep. The autumn morning sun, slanting in through the train window, spread a thin blanket of light over her lap. a tiny moth blew in from somewhere and fluttered about like a scrap of paper. The moth ended up on her breast and stayed there before flying off again. Once the moth had flown off, she looked the slightest bit older.

page 324: Darkness crept in through my ear like oil. Someone was trying to break up the fozen globe of the earth with a massive hammer. The hammer struck the earth precisely eight times. But the earth failed to break up.
Eight o’clock, eight at night.

Copyright © Shane Jones 2009

page 14: I thought of Bianca and her happiness like bricks in mud.

page 163: I wanted to write you a story about magic. I wanted rabbits appearing from hats. I wanted balloons lifting you into the sky. It turned out to be nothing but sadness, war, heartbreak. You never saw it, but there’s a garden inside me.

Breakfast, Saturday morning

Home-baked apple pie, with nuts and raisins. Served with cream. mmm…

Friday, 22 July 2011

Battled my way through

page 5: When you become old… When you become old, you find yourself auditioning for the role of a lifetime; then, after interminable rehearsals, you’re finally starring in a horror flim – a talentless, irresponsible, and above all low-budget horror film, in which (as is the way with horror films) they’re saving the worst for last.

page 27: The dogs in the valley barked. And the dogs in the village, not to be outdone, barked back.

page 30: Aren’t they nice, the young? They’ve stayed up till dawn for two years drinking instant coffee together, and now they’re opinionated – they have opinions.

page 67: Keith dropped his head and gazed at the grainy murk in the bottom of his coffee cup. There was something in him that wasn’t there before. It was born when Lily said the word desperate.
It was hope.

Copyright © 2010 by Martin Amis
Cover design: Chip Kidd

Birds of a feather cluck together

Part of the PRETTYUGLY CREATURES range: ekisnieonder'nkalkoenuitgebroeinie
Afrikaans: ek is nie onder 'n kalkoen uitgebroei nie
Direct translation: I was not hatched under a turkey
But what it means is: I am not as stupid as you think I am

Postcard from Berlin

“Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


My designs for the spring cover competition (masthead deleted).

As soon as I smell the Jasmine I know its spring, with the promise of summer.

At the same time spring opens the heart to love, embracing the warmth of the season, we dream of our true love. But does he love me back?

Horse buggies

Good morning, sunshine

Monday, 18 July 2011

•+••=:....•* episode 4

The first thing MX did was rip out our eyes. OUR EYES!

SOBE rescued us many times and then one day she just stopped. Stopped caring?  Too afraid to get involved? We don’t know - it could be that MX threatened her. MX bounces around and pretends it’s all fun and games but underneath it all....

Although RX never harmed us he stood by and DID NOTHING! Thanks, buddy. Oh, yes, you’re also under MX’s spell. We see, sorry, hear how she pretends to be weaker and meeker than you. HUH! She’s in control, my little fat friend.

Monday, 4 July 2011