Thursday, 26 November 2015

The most delicious lemon curd

We get so many lemons on our tree every year and I try to find a way to use them all. I found this fantastic recipe for lemon curd on the internet. So easy, so refreshing, so delicious. We just eat it with plain yoghurt.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Building with sticks and twigs

Birds have started building a nest outside our bedroom window. While you lie there reading a book you hear their clear, crisp call as they arrive home, and in the morning they wake you up as they welcome the day. (I used a layout I found on Pinterest as reference to create the image below.)

Another advent calendar

Another advent calendar for another friend. It's almost 1 December and I cannot wait for them to open the packets. If you have received an advent calendar from me do not look at this post - it will spoil the surprise ;-)

Pink and blue

From our bedroom window the blue from the Jacaranda and the cerise of the Bougainvillea create a delightful painting. beautiful view as we open the curtains.