Monday, 30 March 2015

Catch up!

We have been busy DIYing around the house so we haven't been out much, but here's a quick catch up. Left to right: Dinner at the local Indian restaurant, most delicious samosas and rice flour pancakes.
We are buying two bottles of red wine every month, estates we have never heard of. I want a pretty label, and the other bottle must have a cork, not a screw-top. Simply little rules, then we have a small glass every night, while preparing dinner, or while the sun sets, or while reading a book in bed. And soon, while we're lying in front of the fire. Coke- Cola bottle is 100 years this year and they had a travelling Coke art exhibition. Like the brand, not the product, but you must admit they really know their stuff. Collection of stuff at home. Lovely, lovely new restaurant in our area: Green Origins. See you again soon.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Remembrance salt

We made up some remembrance salt as featured in the Taste magazine. Taste March 2015.
Lovely story, read it on page 44.

Lunch on Saturday at The Sheds - 1 Fox

Another great Sunday lunch with the family

For Sunday lunch we made almost everything from the new Taste magazine. Taste March 2015. We made sweet potato 'slap' chips for a snack before lunch, instead of buying crisps. Served it with tomato sauce and/or balsamic vinegar. Idea found on page 44, Taste March 2015. For our main course we made the Roast Vegetable Tart with Parmesan Cream, and the Chicken with Red Pepper Pesto, page 77-78, Taste March 2015. The tart, OMW, it was so delicious. Everyone had seconds and then thirds. We didn't serve the chicken with the penne as per the recipe because we had the tart and the rocket was in the salad we served on the side. The chicken, too, was yummy. Licked our fingers. Dessert was Craig's Granadilla Fridge Tart, he makes it for his kids. For tea we had baked a chocolate cake, Another week in the kitchen, Karen Dudley - page 86, Chocolate Buttermilk Cake.
© Another week in the kitchen, Karen Dudley
© Taste March 2015
No permission has been requested or granted for the representation of the pages from the Taste magazine or Karen Dudley's book. Sorry, but it's too good not to share.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Random moments in pictures

Left to right, and top to bottom.
Good fences make... Stuffie photobombs our pic. Three Stuffies in a group hug. Hersey kisses binge. Colour. Sunflower. Moved the pots to the other side of the house. Barn dance, or not ;-) My favourites, proteas. Moth caught behind the curtain. Bulbs from Tzaneen, or somewhere near there. Softie. Working at work. Reading, lazy Sunday. Visiting a nursery. Recycle what you can. Mixed messages. Evening light. Orange. Curtains. DIY weekend, too many projects to be able to finish any, sigh. Packing a picnic, again. Art classes. Doorway. Lunch. SA art. Signage. Mickey visits for the weekend. Say a little prayer. Hard line and cotton wool. Where the wild things are. Red pepper. Summer rain storms. Drawing on mugs, some more. The sun is travelling north, the day starts later, the evening arrives earlier.
If there's anything here you're seen because, sorry. I blame old age ;-)

Recycle, upcycle

I turned my mother's old ironing board into a coffee table.
 I could not throw it out. I remember my mother ironing in the kitchen, with the back door open. I finished it with linseed oil, you have never seen wood so thirsty. The black mark on the right is where the wood has been burnt from the iron.

Proudly South African

At work they want us to wear the green and gold, on Fridays, to show our support for the Proteas during the Cricket World Cup, but instead I have had a little top from the shwe-shwe fabric I bought ages ago. The fabric is printed in SA, I have pinned a SA flag button to it, I am proudly south African, I think I am doing my bit, haha!

Monday, 2 March 2015

How pretty is our patio

Bought this furniture, second hand, for under R2000.00. Awesome bargain, suits our budget.