Thursday, 31 March 2016

Chop en dop

The braai is a big part of the South African way of life. Summer's are all about being outside around a braai, throwing a chop (chop) on the fire and drinking beers (en dop). As soon as more than 2 men gather together it is a reason to braai, family or friends, whatever the occasion.
Although I have been using a portable braai for years, it just seemed we weren't really into the gees of the braai, so we have had a permanent structure built and we can't wait to christen it.

The grill is from another portable braai my father made me when I first moved into my house. I'm sentimental like that ;-)

Below are before and after pics.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I cannot lie, I love tie-dye

Did a little tie-dye project with the girls. I may have enjoyed it more than they did ;-)

A gift for a gift

Trish made all those lovely bowls for me but wouldn't accept any monies in return. Instead I made her a dress. Hope she likes it.
I downloaded a Frida-inspired image off the internet and made a gift bag.

Easter 2016, a happy egg was I

Another wonderful Easter with loved ones. Lots of laughs and silliness. I got a bit carried away and bought more than just eggs for the hunt. Books and bunnies and sheep.
We made popcorn, drizzled with white chocolate and covered in sprinkles, for the kids. Hand-painted/printed the tablecloth. Hmm, didn't really turn out as per the vision I had.

Monday, 14 March 2016

A horse grazes in the field

All is calm and quiet on Saturday morning while a horse, with crazy eyes, is grazing in the field ;-)

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Novice - second exhibition

Shopping at the local markets

I cannot resist a bag, another bag. But that's not all I bought ;-)

Night visit

We went to First Thursdays. But we only did the Rosebank strip. There was no real wow factor, sorry guys. So I photographed the Goodman Gallery window display from inside the gallery and some graffiti we found walking down the street. Great vibe, though.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

February catch-up

It's March and I haven't even blogged February. So, just a short summary, because really, it's already all in the past. Liam and I baked cookies for Valentine's Day and distributed them to everyone in the office. Then there was the one special Valentine delivery ;-) Went into Newtown to see the development around the Market Theatre - Newtown Junction. I bought a few things at the Work Shop and and lunch at the PotatoShed. We visited the Gwefey Tea House in Sandton City. I baked a cheese cake and topped it with stewed peaches, that Lettie provided. It was delicious, had it for breakfast for a week. Come play with me! BJ could play all day. These worms ate up the entire plant, argh! Went to see Singing in the Rain - wonderful. A bunch of flowers to celebrate payday. Thank you.
And so ends February.