Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hi. How are you? How have you been?

Since I started my new job 1 May I haven't found the time to update my blog. Ha ha, yes, it sounds incredible. It doesn't really take that long to post something, but by the time I finish work it's late, I still haven't downloaded the images and I can't think of anything refreshing to say.

Of course I managed to load my holiday pictures, but long after the holiday's powerful magic was losing its sparkle to everyday routine.

Well, at last, I have found some sort of rhythm, and I am trying to achieve some balance between work and play. During those first few weeks I went to the ballet twice and I am ashamed to say I caught myself nodding off during Swan Lake. Disgusting, ha ha, I know, but I was exhausted. At least in Giselle the music was so beautiful and a lot more lively so it was easier to stay awake. By the time I went to see Trevor he had my full attention. What a guy. And I enjoyed my niece's concert just as much.

Amongst all that we had such a traumic and emotional experience, sad, heartbreaking. Rest in peace, dearest Brenda. We think of you often.

Back at the office - I love my new job. I am using skills I am good at, I believe, but I still have a long way to go. It is fun, I run up and down the stairs, go from meeting to meeting, persuade colleagues to say yes when they wanted to say no. I have dropped a ball or two, forgotten an instruction (or two) but I believe I will win, make the changes and make a difference. I say a big thank you for this opportunity. M'wah!

Trying to think of what else has happened. I was ill. Had a duvet day. Had a birthday. Got wonderful presents and great surprises. My sister-in-law made me the best cake.  Decorated a love tree. Bought a decent chopping board. Took forever to read a book - it was a good book. Not THE good book ;-) Dyed the top of some curtains pink and the bottom of a coat lime green. Went to an art exhibition. Discovered colouring books for adults. Bought a microwave. Bought a tin of pink paint. What was I thinking? Gave it away. Gave away a huge bag of soft toys, a bag of shoes, a bag of books, a bag of bags. Started redecorating our bedroom. Washed my car. Wrote on the wall. Failed at pottery. Met Odette and Ashleigh before they went back to Mauritius, did the banting with them. Bought new pots and pans. Pranked a colleague. And now am dreading the pay back. Ha, ha.

I promise to return to blogging. I have missed it.

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