Monday, 21 September 2015

Rainy days and Sundays

"Coming clean was invariably harder than lying."

"Society extolled the virtues of strength but nobody ever gave any solid advice on how to break down properly."

"Truth kept light. Honesty was wonderful but too much of it, especially here, was bound to come across as highly questionable, even absurd."

"Nearly everyone was stronger than they gave themselves credit for, but hardly anyone wanted to suffer through finding out exactly what they were made of."

"Days that started out well often didn't stay that way for long."

"Colleagues got into your business like ants into honey - easy road in, tough scooping them out."

"Since Jeremy's father had quit the scene and left her to raise their son single-handedly, literally the only man Connie trusted was Jesus Christ."

"He stared off into the distance at something that answered only to his imagination."

"Some of them whispered, but the child couldn't gwar what they were saying. But she knew they were talking to God."

"Somewhere in the background, police sirens struck up a tardy redemption song."

"She got pregnant, as quiet Christian girls too often do."

The Lazarus Effect © HJ Golakai 2011

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