Saturday, 5 March 2016

February catch-up

It's March and I haven't even blogged February. So, just a short summary, because really, it's already all in the past. Liam and I baked cookies for Valentine's Day and distributed them to everyone in the office. Then there was the one special Valentine delivery ;-) Went into Newtown to see the development around the Market Theatre - Newtown Junction. I bought a few things at the Work Shop and and lunch at the PotatoShed. We visited the Gwefey Tea House in Sandton City. I baked a cheese cake and topped it with stewed peaches, that Lettie provided. It was delicious, had it for breakfast for a week. Come play with me! BJ could play all day. These worms ate up the entire plant, argh! Went to see Singing in the Rain - wonderful. A bunch of flowers to celebrate payday. Thank you.
And so ends February.

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