Monday, 11 April 2016

Johannesburg Zoo Trot

I can't remember if I have ever been at the Johannesburg Zoo as an adult. Anyway, they had a Zoo Trot on Sunday, starting at 7:00. I went, really just to get in before the Sunday crowd arrives and it gets too hot. I wanted to do the 5 km route but don't know where it ended so it seems I completed the 10 km route. No harm done. I walked it all though. Everyone else ran the course. 

I found I couldn't look at the monkey and ape cages, and the elephants looked very sad. But not everyone can afford to go to the bush, or overseas to visit the exotic animals so how else to our children the wild animals but in a zoo. TV doesn't quite shape up. It doesn't give you the true scale and size in relation to yourself. I don't mind the flamingoes, or the pelicans, they're in the open, but I do mind the vultures being caged. The vulture spreads his wings as if delivering the Sunday service, then the aviary must be his church. I don't like the small spaces for the snakes, or that the lion can't run down its own supper. The buck all seem to have good spaces. They have their young with them, an indication of a good environment, I hope. I like that all the plants and trees in the cages are real and not artificial (at the Pretoria Zoo it is often artificial). So I got some exercise and had a good morning.

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