Monday, 13 February 2017

Anton Smit Sculpture Park

For three months now I have been planning to go out to the sculpture park. Every weekend there's some excuse, or it's raining, or ...

Eventually last Sunday we went through. A lovely drive out on the R25, farms and fields and little villages.
I missed the park and drove into an estate from which I could see the Bronkhorstspruit Dam, then back along the route to discover the road to the park was right there.

A lot of the sculptures are scattered around the garden, well laid out in parts and left natural in others. There is a gallery as well, and in the one area Anton's sculptures are displayed with some of Lionel's artwork. Father and son.

On the property is a venue for weddings and parties, I suppose, and the Imagine Cafe. Had scones and rooibos tea under a big tree in the courtyard. Lovely.

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