Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Crazy in the morning

We get these crazy ideas on a Friday afternoon when we know that in a half hour we are free from work and it's the weekend. So we plan to get up at 5:00 on Sunday and be in the Cradle by 5:30 to watch the sunrise. We are so excited. We stop for coffee at the same corner where others are grabbing coffee on their way home from their great Saturday night that lasted until the next day. The coffee tastes delicious and it's warmth contrasts with the biting cold of the winter's night. I am wearing more layers than a virgin bride on the wedding night, and I am as fridge(t), ha ha. (Yes, I know the spelling is wrong, just go along with my humour).

The light creeping over the horizon creates a magnificent vignette on the sky canvas. It changes so subtly the eye can hardly follow it, so we freeze it as images on camera and register night becoming day. A ball of white light rushes towards us from behind the trees and then suddenly it's just a yellow ball hanging in the blue sky.

We look over our shoulder and gasp, while the sun has been rising so have some hot air balloons. They are moving slowing and silently, getting closer and then start coming down. I run along the road to find where it goes down in the field. It collapses, lopsided and clumsy when a moment ago it was floating elegantly and gracefully.

Mike is still back at our original spot completing the time-lapse capture on cyclists on the road, each of the commenting on the cold as they pass, each enjoying being out here on this crisp quiet morning. 

We have breakfast at a venue close by and are home before 10:00.

What did you do Sunday morning?

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