Friday, 6 March 2015

Random moments in pictures

Left to right, and top to bottom.
Good fences make... Stuffie photobombs our pic. Three Stuffies in a group hug. Hersey kisses binge. Colour. Sunflower. Moved the pots to the other side of the house. Barn dance, or not ;-) My favourites, proteas. Moth caught behind the curtain. Bulbs from Tzaneen, or somewhere near there. Softie. Working at work. Reading, lazy Sunday. Visiting a nursery. Recycle what you can. Mixed messages. Evening light. Orange. Curtains. DIY weekend, too many projects to be able to finish any, sigh. Packing a picnic, again. Art classes. Doorway. Lunch. SA art. Signage. Mickey visits for the weekend. Say a little prayer. Hard line and cotton wool. Where the wild things are. Red pepper. Summer rain storms. Drawing on mugs, some more. The sun is travelling north, the day starts later, the evening arrives earlier.
If there's anything here you're seen because, sorry. I blame old age ;-)

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