Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A cup of coffee and a good book

I feel as though I haven't been out in like for ever. I arrive at Exclusive Books in Hyde Park and can't believe how it has been transformed. Beautiful.

I heard them speak some months ago on 702 about new investors/buyers (forgive me for not remembering the detail). They were asked if there was still a future for a bookshop (with the growing trend in online shopping) and the interviewee spoke with such enthusiasm of their vision that I was completely taken in.

Well, here is that vision before me. It would seem that people are making it as part of their personal space. So books as usual and a coffee shop. These long tables where strangers are sitting side-by-side, okay, they are not interacting, sigh. Then the restaurant, The Social Kitchen, with big open windows and the loveliest ambience. Take yourself there and have a great meal, add a good cocktail and buy a book. I am sure you'll enjoy the experience. 

I think it's advisable to book the restaurant, as it seems awfully popular.

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