Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ned and Nancy

I know Annie Sloan and chalk paint are all the rage but honestly this shop, Ned and Nancy's Interiors, is about more than selling chalk paint. The interior is so gorgeous, charming and inviting, almost cozy. The attention to detail and the selection of merchandise encourages you to pull out your wallet and just fill the boot of your car, you forget you're recovering from Christmas shopping. Have a look at the fridge along the back wall. I am definitely painting my fridge, not black though. And I am going to take Ned's advise and add a detail with another colour. Looking forward to this project. Maybe I'll do the kitchen cupboards as well, hmm.

I love the way they have displayed the colour range of chalk paint by painting the tin cups. It gives a much better indication than the swatch strip.

They have copper pipe bathroom fixtures that are marvellous and so different, go get them.
But go next week, Ned said they're low on stock right now but should have a full shop in a week.

I think they offer workshop as well, but I don't want to commit to that. Contact them and find out. They are in the Lonehill shopping centre.

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