Sunday, 14 August 2016

Gold! It's the Olympics.

I bought this book on Wednesday at one of those bargain book places. It’s not second-hand but it was cheap. I even got a further discount because (apparently) it looked as though I was having a bad day. Listen, lady, just take my money and give me the book.

On Thursday I started the book during my lunch hour, while drinking a cappuccino at the Norscot Secret Garden, got to page 40 before I had to return to work. It happens to be about Olympic athletes, and with the Olympics in Rio right now...

When I got up on Saturday I thought I would read a few pages as I lay in the bath. I topped up with hot water 3 times before I got out and returned to bed. Then I continued reading outside, sitting in the sun. I had many mugs of tea and had nachos with peanut butter for lunch because there was nothing else. I kid you not. Okay I did make 2 pancakes for breakfast, with sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice.
Eventually it was too hot outside and I finished the book on the couch.

What a great Saturday. I never left the house, I loved the book and enjoyed being the sloth. LOL!

She tried to smile back. The smile came out like a newborn foal - it’s legs buckled immediately.’ 
© Gold. Chris Cleave. 2012.

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