Monday, 1 August 2016

July snapshots

In order of appearance, from left to right.

For Mandela day 27 PrettyUglys volunteered at the Johannesburg Children's Home. Hope it makes the children happy. Love the swirly, twirly design of this creeper, at Nirox. Revisited the Mosque in Midrand. I really wanted a meal at the Turkish restaurant but one look at the menu made me think I would be disappointed. The food didn't look anything like the food I had in Turkey. Such sadness about all the happenings there lately. Goose, flowers and child bought at the Field and study market. I love the attention to detail, that they put as much effort into the price tag as in the hanging of the artwork. Got these flowers and they never opened for a week and a half because they thought they were still in cold storage. I had to move them close to the fire to get them to open. A fire almost every night, we have burnt most of our split tree we chopped down earlier this year. At Wits Art Museum they asked the group visiting to comment on the African Art display. This card asks you to speak to the security guard to speak about his favourite piece. inspiring. A new quilt that I have started, African in every way. Yippee, yay, the sun is travelling south again. Our the earth is turning, I think the sun is still in the same spot. A moment in the garden before work. It's aloe season, love it. And then it got really cold, rained and hailed. And ice on my windscreen. Pretty table display at the Irene market. Ceramic display at Irene market. Wire cactus at the Irene market. inside the Clay Oven Cafe. Would like to go back there when it is not a market day to explore it properly. the stone elephant at the Big Red Barn. Made these twins for a baby shower, Saami and Salma. Yes, the lady is having twins, a boy and a girl. the party is almost over, the kitchen at the Artists Studio. A nice display at the Studio Collab exhibition.

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