Thursday, 15 December 2016

As seen on Instagram this month

Strawberry ice-cream. As soon as it's summer I make ice-cream. Although I try out all sorts of variations the strawberry remains the firm favourite with everyone.

After a storm, the next morning our table appears to carry the remnants of a great party.

Pretty. Every morning, on the way to work I pass this tree that has dropped its flowers, like a juggler learning his skill, more on the floor than on the tree it seems.

Still more rain. It been wonderful, all this rain, after they predicted the drought would last until April 2017.

Out before dark. In the afternoon the moon is already high in the sky. It is trying to blend in with some clouds, as thin and whispy as them but cannot hide its round shape.

More of the same. Rain. And how beautiful the drops look on my new frangipani.

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