Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Just words, no pictures

The morning starts with burchell coucals calling one another, or calling the rain but mostly I think they talk about the weather. It's still dark but you can sense the sky is a blanket of clouds. We wonder how much the vegetables have grown while I have slept. I only put out the light just before 3 am. A book I have been battling to get into suddenly got exciting on page 241 and then I didn't want to stop reading. Exhaustion closed the book and switched off the light. Despite that we woke early.

I didn't have a car for a few days last week so I Ubered to work and back. I listened to a variety of radio stations on these trips and found it very interesting but when I got my car back I didn't explore any of them but stayed tuned to the preset station in my car. Hmm.
We drove with the windows down and a breeze accompanied us on the journey. I felt as though I were going on a road trip. It was great to look around and see things that you don't see when you're looking ahead, or looking in the rear view mirror hoping that guy will also slow and stop at the red light.
They train the drivers well. They know when to chat and when you prefer silence. It's great.

They said we would have a heatwave this week and no chance of rain. Yet the heavens darkened and water fell from the sky. The wind was fierce and raced through the house wanting to get outside again, while the trees moved in a frenzied dance to music I couldn't hear. The wind makes no sound really, just creates sounds in everything it moves, sometimes a gentle rustle, so soft you think you imagined it, sometimes with such force the strongest tree has to obey.

My vegetables are coming along very nicely. But growing from seed, although rewarding, is also a measure of patience. The butternut plants are getting taller everyday, the leaves bigger but still no butternut. Will we be able to harvest the tomatoes for Christmas salad, and how long does it take before a head of cauliflower becomes a meal? Did I plant sunflowers or mielies there? I guess we will have to wait and see. My dogs go directly to the vegetable garden in the mornings now, having adapted my pattern. They are not sure what I am looking for every day but they know it's this first before I will play with them.

It 02:41 now. In 2 hours my dogs will wake me to go out for a pee. Well, I am hoping to falls asleep before then; but who knows. I fall asleep on the couch in the evening but when I go to bed I cannot doze off again. So I swot mosquitoes and read a book until weariness suggests it's time to sleep.

Dogs and children prevent you from getting attached to material things.

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