Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hanging onto memories

This may seems like a weird thing to share but when we were children there were no plastic coathangers. There were wooden ones and there were wire ones. The wire ones were used by the dry cleaning industry so they would find their way into your wardrobes by default. Mostly we had the wooden ones. 

To protect our clothes my grandmother and mother would cover the hangers with fabrics. They would use left over cloth from dresses my mom made. 

When I left home I just gathered up my clothes, the hangers attached. This is how I still have some of these coat hangers. Whenever I take something out the wardrobe and slip it off the hanger and it reveals the fabric hanger I think of them both. Those two wonderful woman who taught me so much, they creating a home with warmth and love and put so much care into everything.

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