Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A lovely eggsperience

Pablo Eggs Go BarDid you mean Pablo Escobar?

No. But perhaps they did when they named their restaurant. When I say Eggs Go Bar then everyone says Escobar. So it seems everyone knows about Pablo.

Pablo Eggs Go Bar is located in Mellville, where for many years, and from what I remember when I lived in the area, it had been an antique/vintage shop. Opposite the Golf Tea Room. I had booked for Savy and I to meet there for breakfast the previous week but she wanted to go somewhere closer to home. 

So the following week there I was,  ordering fresh squeezed juices and something with an egg or 3 in the dish. Difficult to choose from the menu, it mostly is something you have never had for breakfast before and you certainly will be back for more. When you see the meals at the tables on either side of you being devoured with the same relish you applied to your meal you must assume everything is delicious. It's a case of 'plate-envy' - when you see what's on someone else's plate and you think maybe you should have ordered that. I could have eaten a bucket full of the hummus that was served with my dish, it was that yummy.

Book or go early because it really gets packed, the vibe is good and the clientele eclectic, very interesting.

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