Friday, 1 July 2016

Two days with ocean views

Last Tuesday morning we flew to Durban. A spur of the moment thing. We had this desperate need to hear the sound of the ocean.

We packed light because we had seen everyone's pics from the weekend - clear skies, frolicking in the sea and wearing tank tops. When we landed in Durban it was raining. We had thought of Ubering into Durban but then we saw public transport signs and thought let's see what that's all about. After a peanut bomb from Kauai we boarded the mini bus shuttle. OMW, they drop the person that is going the furtherst from the airport first and then make their way back into the city. Argh! no please no! Anyway survived it. But by the time they dropped us off at the Elangeni we were grumpy. Entering the hotel we were carried to the front desk in the ebb and flow of a hundred people. The film marketing fair and film festival were events currently in Durban and everybody was at the Elangeni it seemed. We dropped our bags with the concierge and we're out the front door and off to the beach. It wasn't raining but it was overcast and windy. I wrapped my scarf around my head and hugged my jersey closer for warmth.

We walked more than 14 kms that day. Along the promanade, around Moses Mabida, along the beach, the sea lapping around our feet, all the way to Blue Lagoon. At The Bike and Bean we had a cappuccino and rested, then on again. From Blue Lagoon all the way to Moyo pier and then back to the hotel. Stopped for lunch at Circus Circus, for a cocktail at Moyo's, where we watched someone learning how to surf (he did quite well) and a cup of coffee at Afro's Chicken shop. Checked in at the Maharani, a room on the 21st floor. The windows could open and we could continue listening to the sea. Bliss.

A shower and a nap. Wonderful. Burgers and red wine for supper at V&V then we were back in bed ;-) It had been a great, satisfying day and we were now happily exhausted. 

The next morning we woke up early. So then, more of the same - walking along the beach, letting the sand massaging the soles of my feet and the ocean soothe them. Loved it. There are so many thoughts that develop while walking that I know I will lose before I even have breakfast so I imagined how great it would be if we could record our thoughts and download them later, transcribe some and delete others. That way you keep the true essence and sentiment of them, with the original form, verbatim.

Early morning and the tide was going out and on the high tide the sea had returned all our litter to us. OMW, there is so much of it, we could not believe it. Yes, forget about finding seashells, the best you can hope for is sea glass. Honestly, instead of those signs up every where saying no dogs on the beach, the signs should say no humans allowed on the beach. We are really disgusting, disrespectful towards the great splendour of nature.However, the city has a good system in place so I think most tourists would not get to see all the litter. As soon as the tide starts going out teams arrive with rakes, collect and bag all the litter, doing the entire length of the promanade. In turn these bags are collected and by the time most people come down to the beach it's all cleaned up.

We had breakfast, al fresco, French toast with bacon and syrup, and coffee.Long walk back to the hotel, it was time to check out.

We decided to go and have lunch at the Oyster Box in Umhlanga. I loved the opulence of the hotel. If I had the money I would love to stay there. In the reception area large, flat bowls of apples, at least 60 apples per bowl, tall glass jars with dried apricots all colour co-ordinated with the decor.We sipped drinks outside, upstairs, at the Oyster Bar while pigeons ate our bar snacks. Then we went down for lunch and dessert. I ordered the Bunny chow because that is what the waiter recommended, and I was not sorry. It was all yummy and the service fabulous. 

Last walk on the beach and then to the airport and home. I had a great time, thanks.

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