Friday, 23 September 2016

A day in the long grass

Early one Saturday morning we leave for Dinokeng. 

Honestly, about 6kms to go and the traffic is diverted off the highway because of an accident. Argh! It takes forever to get onto the offramp then down the other side and back on the highway. It's hot, but we have plenty of water and we are listening to all the callers on 702. 

Dinokeng. Let's just say we won't be back. Driving in thick bush all day with little likelihood of seeing anything in the long grass. Must be hell in summer, hotter still and even less chance of spotting anything. We also made the mistake of thinking that the Elephant Wateringhole would actually be a watering hole with or without elephants but it isn't. Don't follow these signboards unless you are looking for a fenced off area where you can braai a chop and go to the toilet. But before even that let me tell you what happened - I didn't follow the map so ended up on a 4x4 track that was getting more and more difficult to manoeuvre and the only way out was going back or down a 30° incline, through a sandy dip, or sand pit, depending on your view. Yes, we choose to go back the way we came. First gear up the hill, all the way. Argh, again ;-) Our map flew out the window and no one realised until we had to decide west or south and could not find our piece of paper that would reassure us we were making the right choice. Argh, yet again. Just take me home country road, I am done. 


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