Sunday, 25 September 2016

On a day when I didn't go to work

I took a day off work and browsed through Everard Read, and at Circa they were still setting up the exhibition for the evening, First Thursday.

Would have loved to explore Keyes Art Mile but it was still so busy with labourers, construction works and store managers all trying to get things done. Laying the tiles for the stairs, paving the sidewalk and fitting lights etc. I wasn't sure if the scaffolding was going up or coming down, supports were being carried in and out, hmm. I am rather going to wait for the ta-da! moment when everything is complete. 

Drove the short distance to Delta Cafe for lunch then walked around in the community vegetable garden before stumbling upon Bamboo Palace. Good chat with the guy there; sorry I didn't get his name. Anyway, lovely and eclectic collection of furniture, paintings and nic-nacs. Inspired to paint some furniture myself (but nothing really comes of it).

Before you know it it's late afternoon and I pop into the River Cafe (Sandton Field and Study centre) for an early supper. Then a walk along the river. 

On the other side of the river, a stream really, amongst the trees and boulders, and within the fenced boundaries of the park, are groups of homeless or vagrants soaking up the last warmth of the sun before the cold of night creeps into their bones. Is it an unwritten agreement, by mutual consent, that they will remain on that side of the stream while on this side suburbans walk their dogs, jog or play ball with their children?

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