Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Art Eye Gallery

I plan most Saturdays end to end with activities but then I get sidetracked or I get caught up at one point and the rest of the itinerary is abandoned. So it happened the Saturday I went through to explore Art Eye Gallery, there was an hour allocated but I stayed for five. So interesting and inspiring. 
Art Eye is made up of many rooms and different spaces each more exciting than the previous one. Sanele gave me a great and informative tour, even of the storeroom/basement, where I could have stayed all day unearth masterpieces. I just wanted everyone from the office to come on over and enjoy the experience. Alas, I haven't even shared the idea with them yet.

I love the colour of the walls in the Launch Pad, the dark grey, it highlights the colours of each artwork. 

It is too much to take in, a real wow. Honestly, I would have bought at least four pieces if I had the money. I even wanted to take up brush and paint and splash some design onto the wall. Haha!

They told me to go a few floors down and see if any of the artists in residence were about. A passage of closed doors until there was an open one. The artist is Thokozani Mthiyane. He made rooibos tea and we chatted about his incredible experiences and his art. He shared the notebooks, books and dairies covered in sketches from moments throughout his varied and interesting journeys. I felt honoured to have met him and the time he afforded me. As if the day had not already been awesome. Icing on the cake. I bought one of his small illustrations. 

At the other end of the corridor was another artist, that I had already met in the gallery, David. Also a lovely man, putting together artwork with printed images, textures and paint.

Another wonderful experience.

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