Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Serbian Orthodox Church

I find all churches beautiful and wonder about their interiors. Every religion, I suppose, manifests their beliefs with different rituals and adornments and I find that so interesting. When I was at school I would go to church with my friends just to get the different views, the different experiences. In essence and at the core, I think, it is all similar but the differences in presentation and expression is what resonates with you or not. 

Everyday I drive past them Serbian Orthodox Church. I have been wanting a peep inside so when they had a food market day I went along. The church is so simple outside, so rich inside. Small but with so much detail. 

They also have the Serbian community hall on the property, the music I am sure just makes them remember, makes them homesick. There were posters, photographs and memorabilia on the wall brought over from Serbia and shared in this space where everyone has an appreciation of them.
I was certainly the odd one out. But I do understand what it means to them and how important it is to have this space. My parents gathered with others at the German club, sharing the music, stories, memories, jokes, gossip. Never were they so free of inhibition and so expressive as in their mother tongue. Great memories.

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