Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dancing building of Prague

When Mike told me he was going to Prague as part of his European trip I asked him to please, please, pretty please take a pic of the dancing building. He kept his promise, although, he tells me, he stumbled upon it by accident. He was out walking the streets one morning when around the very next corner there is was, dancing with delight to the gentle awaking of a new day. 

He took a time-lapse video which is really lovely. This image is a frame from that video.

He has this great new camera, he explained all its remarkable features, but I have already forgotten them along with the name of it but what remains important is that he is able to capture beautiful movement, motion and memories with it. 

Mike Kelly +27 (0)83 288 0131
His video company is called Storytellers. Such a wonderful name.

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