Monday, 23 October 2017

Asleep between the earth and the sea

If you have seen this before then just ignore this entry. I have looked for it and can’t find it so I must assume that I did not post it.

Earlier this year I went through a tie-dye phase. I had seen a really lovely throw at Weylandts and thought: Hmm, I can do that. Or course when you’re inspired by something you shouldn’t copy it but have to change it up so you can claim it as your own work. I used earthy colours and blues (Weylandts was a navy blue wash) and this is the result. It is reversable, the one side more earthy, the other side more blue. Pillowcases to match.

Someone saw it on Instagram and wanted me to make them a set, but I didn’t. The cost, without the labour, is very expensive and at that price they would be better off shopping at Weylandts. 

I am a fan of Weylandts products and vision.

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