Monday, 23 October 2017

Mono printing workshop

I really only go onto Facebook for possible ideas for the weekend. I follow Print on Paper and saw they were offering a Mono Printing workshop. 

I thought it was a one colour print, so I prepared all my artwork accordingly. But no, it was not that at all - it’s the one, single print of  whatever you create on the silkscreen. The medium you execute the artwork in must be water-based so it will transfer to paper. 

There were some amazing artists there, doing some beautiful work, some experimenting that turned out very well. My vision and the execution did not line up, but that’s nothing new. I had great fun though, wonderful to explore something new, make the shift from your preconceived idea to reality, adapting to the medium. a long day from some reward and some disappointment. The disappointments are in the trash.

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