Monday, 4 May 2015

Random ramblings on holiday - Part 1

My nieces say they dream about the same things over and over. The one dreams about princesses, dogs and cats. The other dreams about meeting friendly dinosaurs.

OMW, I didn't know how much M was attached to me, Ma-vas is what we would call it in Afrikaans. My heart breaks that we would scream and cry as I drove off. BJ jumped the full height of the fence and gate, 2m.

I hit a dove on the way to the airport. Bad omen or stupid bird?

Delayed on the tarmac for an hour. Hot. The little girl behind me said to her father: this is a good time to cry. She sounds like the girl in the Oreo commercial, or maybe the DialDirect ad.

I don't think I have ever been on such a quiet and well behaved flight, maybe the engines are just too loud to hear the conversations of others.

My niece told me on the phone that M and BJ are very sad. Very sad. They are waiting at the gate for me. She says they can't wait for me to get back.

You're going to laugh at me. I booked time at Kenton-on-sea because I remember this wonderful beach, and the great day I spent there. Well, as I am driving there from Port Elizabeth, actually only after I turn off the N2 and go through these wonderfully lush, green hills and valleys with cattle, sheep and farm stalls, I wonder how I ever ended up here before because nothing is familiar and it's so far off any road I travelled before. I remember it was during a trip in the 1980s, and then it hits me, it wasn't Kenton-on-sea but Brenton-on-sea. I laughed so much at myself. 440 kms off the mark. But without that dumb mistake I would never have come here, never have had this great day.

I went out early this morning before breakfast, dressed like a bear. It was freezing. I stuffed myself at breakfast. Delicious scrambled eggs and mushy tomatoes, I don't like it when they only warm the tomato through. It must be cooked until it is soft, yum.

After breakfast went for a long walk from Kariega river mouth. A dog attached himself to me and followed me for most of the morning. When big dogs threatened him I had to fight his fights for him. We sat and watched as two fishermen couldn't get their boat out the water. Honestly, I had sat down and taken my top off, just sitting in my bra, yes, I was still wearing my long pants. And what did it matter there was no one about. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, but of course we both know its from the sea, a boat lands in front of me, directly in my line of vision, okay about 100 metres away. I put my top back on and the dog was on guard. 

Eventually I had to walk away because I couldn't stand it another minute watching these two idiots trying to pull their boat off the sand and not understanding why the rope kept snapping. You have to use a winch, argh. Its not going to glide across the sand onto the trailer, I know this and I'm a girl. It's sunk into the wet sand and its stuck. I couldn't even look back to see whether the sea had swallowed their boat or them, ;-).

I'm staying at this really lovely place wooden floors. And a shower with wooden frames for the glass.

Anyway my host told me that Boknes and Canyon Rocks are two lovely resorts. Hmm, they look lovely but there was no one there at all. It was a little intimidating, to be the only person there amidst homes that have been abandoned after the summer holidays. Only some workmen about fixing things. And some loiterers, and the wind.

The sea behind me and the fields in front, a lovely little drive back.

Things I forgot to pack that don't bother me but the locals may not feel the same way; a comb and mascara.

I know why god made the sea salty, if he hadn't we would have used it all up aoens ago and it would have been all over so very long ago. He made it salty and unpredictable to try and keep it safe.

My luggage was exactly 20kgs, well 20.08kg, so I won't be able to buy anything to take home.

Got into the sea. But only waist deep. The first try I thought my feet would break off at the ankles, it was that cold. Tried again today, the day was darker but the water was warmer. So waist deep only, my heart didn't want to be cold. Ha, ha, yes dear heart, very funny.

Yes, I did pee in the sea.

Stopped at this beautiful shop with a corner coffee spot that has a sliver of a view onto the ocean. Nice and relaxing. Today at Viola, because its raining. Good coffee, bohemian vibe. The best music. A delicious steak roll with caramelised onions and a salad.

Walked on the other side of the river this morning. I was the only person there. Two people where doing yoga near the car park and eventually a jogger ran by.

Had to turn back after 2km, before I could get to the top of the hill to see how much further Diaz Cross was, it had started to drizzle. It was so fine I hardly felt it but by the time I got to the car my back was wet. Rained through my jacket, a jersey, and a top.

I am not racing from one place to the next this holiday. In fact if I hadn't paid a deposit on all the other places and a flight from George I would have chosen to spend the entire two weeks here. I see the merit in being in one spot and totally relaxing and eventually doing nothing every day. Bliss. Certainly going to choose that next time. 

Everyone is telling me there's so much to do here. Thank you. But I want to do nothing.

Georgie girl, the dog, can open the sliding doors when she want to get out. Nudges them open with her nose.

I stand at the edge of the sea, waves lapping at my ankles and covering my toes with sand, I know my feet are firmly on the ground but I believe I am in heaven. Well, paradise at least.

So what have I learnt sitting on the beach waiting for the sun or the rain - I have a good life. It turned out well. I was steered away from all the big mistakes I could have made by intuition, listening to the heart and not the razzle dazzle of fake promises. I missed no opportunities but took them as they came. Some I embraced fully, some I gave a chance but not a second chance. The bad things I did are part of life, part of learning right from wrong, part of growing and becoming me. I love my family, my dogs, my job, my country. Everything has its obstacles and I might have stumbled but I did not fall.  Ein guter stolperer fallt nicht, my dad used to say.

Three pied kingfishers hover to the sea. One takes something out the sea and lands with it on the beach.

I went to the beach in my PJs this morning. And to breakfast. I was already late for the sunrise so I just pulled a poncho over. They had told me when I booked in to make myself at home - and I never get dressed for breakfast.  Breakfast first, then a shower, then get ready for the day - so that is what I did here.

I also gave up wearing a bra but will put one on when I hit the road again tomorrow.

I am reading two books at the moment. Whenever this happens I am reminded of a man who tried to chat me up in a restaurant, this was when I was young and nubile, he had analysed who I was and the only thing I remember is he said I am the kind of woman who reads two books at the same time. Not simultaneously of course. I guess I remember it because it is true.

I learnt alot about my host. He had a farm. Worked a quarry in two shifts, then when he was told he had a bleeding ulcer, he told his staff no one would work before sunrise and after sunset ever again. Used to be up at 3:30 everyday before then. Chaired a round table meeting once a week. Preached on Sundays. Built the cupboards in the house. Has a boat. Members of family on his mother's side - 152. Would be lost and feel awkward on his own (if he lived like me). What I learnt from his wife is that they go to pick figs in Craddock 15 October every year. Her friend has just had open heart surgery. She is always busy and her days are full.

From too much sleep comes bad dreams. Just woke from the shitest dream ever. Trying to not go over it in my mind again. But it the case of don't think of an apple and then that's all you think and see in your mind.

Reading this book: The search for the rarest bird in the world. I don't care whether they find it or not. The guy writes in these metaphors that are so wonderful I just want to keep reading. The Amharic language was rich and pulpy, like the juice of a foreign fruit plucked fresh from a tree in a wild place - sticky to the tongue and oddly delicious.

I see and hear the sea from my bed  obviously at night I can only hear it. Looking across I can see whether it is raining.

I think there is a bat living on the patio. Do they live alone or is it always in groups?  What is a collective of bats called? Group, colony? 

I spoke to my hostess about this and they have been trying to determine what it could be. We agree it is actually bigger than a bat, and not as dark. Or there albino giant bats?

I keep saying Keurbosstrand and then no one knows where that is but its Keurboomstrand, sorry folks.
I say Roggeberg but its Robberg. And Tergeniet when its Tergniet. No wonder my niece says Lugaarde instead of Lughawe.

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