Thursday, 14 May 2015

Random ramblings on holiday - Part 4

Was going to have lunch in Sedgefield, but OMW, no. Horrible vibe. Did not like it one bit. Screaming and swearing on the beach by some local children, ag nee man, lelik.

The 'beach' restaurant that wasn't on the beach,  just beach sand on the floor. Not even a view of the sea - can't buy into that.

Someone, or perhaps the entire town (this is in Sedgefield), is mosaic crazy. Everything is mosaiced. A pole, 2 poles, a bench, a ball, a bin, the vet's entrance (two dogs jumping up and kissing creates the arch for the entrance), at least 83 house numbers, a memorial statue, to name a few.

Discovered that it was part of a job creation project. Nice.

Check in at the B&B then drove into town (I am in Wilderness now) to scout around. It seems smaller than I remember. Seems to have a good range of little restaurants. Will be trying out some. Ate calmari at a restaurant overlooking the beach. I remember the last time I had calmari this good, it was in Strand, from the local fish shop.

First clear sky tonight. There are more stars here then back home. Magnificent. Duh, yes, I know why, thank you.

Slept in because I couldn't get to sleep last night. 00:33 this morning and I was still awake. First evening I got past the 22:00 mark on this trip ;-)

Been wondering about the new job. How to tackle it, what to do. Hmm, no plan yet.

Seagulls diving into the sea this morning. There must be a lot of fish because there are a lot of seagulls.

And its cold. Will have to dress warmer.

So went for a long walk. Spent all day on the beach in the sun. Glorious day. Warm day after all. Swam in the sea, refreshing.

Went to the local Spar to buy water. Ugh, the water down here tastes bad. Even if you boil it and make tea or coffee,  nothing disguises how bad it tastes. I always thought people who buy bottled water are just full of it. Sorry, guys, but now I understand.

But getting back to what I wanted to say, at the local Spar I bump into a girl from work. What are the chances. She doing the Garden Route with friends.

Pizza for dinner, late afternoon, sun still on my face. The guys at the next table ordered Johnny Gold. Celebrating the one guys 50th.

Sat in the sun, eating a good pizza, reading my book and listening to their conversation.

Walked along the broad walk, I remember it as so much longer. It remembers me as being so much younger  Still beautiful. The walk, not me. Ha, ha.

Followed a road out of town, became a dirt road for a while then tarred again, it twists and turns, round and round up the hill (in second gear), no idea where I'm going.  Then I get to the top and there is a magnificent view of the river, twisting and turning like the road I have just been on, passing through the town until it spills into the wide, endless ocean. And the sun starts to hide itself behind the mountains.

If you pull over into the rest stops they have created along the road you are usually rewarded with the most beautiful vistas.

On the way down to Wilderness from Keurboomstrand saw many people asking for a lift by holding out a R10 or R20 note. Didn't take it. Didn't give them a lift. Sorry.

Next day was another lazy day at the beach. Started at Bee Juice, or Beetle Juice, in my story. Most delicious berry and honey smoothie. Sat and read the paper from cover to cover, when last did I take the time to do that? Nice.

Bee Juice is a restaurant converted from the old railway station. At the back is the platform that used to be the front (of the station).

The train doesn't come through here anymore because of a serious rock fall a short distance along the track. If you follow the track you will find the home of the local hippy. Google it, interesting story.

The locals obviously share this story with every single visitor. A long trail of people up the path towards it. No, too many people for me. And I wasn't in the mood for a sermon or feel obligated to leave a donation (When you google the story you will understand what i am talking about). I walked along the track and across the bridge, took some photos and then sat in the sun looking back at the beach.

In the afternoon I take a drive out to see all the lakes and am in search of a piece of chocolate cake. Turn off for Swartvlei and follow the road to its end. A hotel with a small restaurant, Benguela. They don't have chocolate cake but carrot cake, so I order that with a cup of coffee. I can sit anywhere, they say. I choose a table between the restaurant and the lake. Lovely cake and coffee and view. So quiet and tranquil.

Met this interesting woman at the B&B,  she's a body stress practitioner.  In Wilderness for a workshop and conference. She wants to spend time with the bushman in the Kalahari, or go to Iceland. Might sell her car to get there, she says sometimes you have to choose what's important. Sometimes that once-in-a-lifetime experience must be grabbed with both hands otherwise regret and disappointment will haunt you.

Bumped into her on the beach and we walking along the shore chatting until it was dark. She met a friend at the restaurant and I went home.

Its morning and I decide to go to Kysna after all.

Turn off the main road to go to Belvidere.  Love that church and the old village.

In Kysna I try looking in the shops but can't bear to be indoors. I haven't seen a Woolworths since I left Johannesburg,  there's one here but I don't go in.

So it's off to the Heads. Lovely view from the top. See restaurants below and it's lunchtime. So, put two and two together. Only when I get there it is a traffic jam. I park further up the hill and walk down,  pretty, but too many people.

Drive into Leisure Isle instead.  Have lunch at the local coffee shop. It seems I am the only foreigner here. Nice salad, thanks.

Back on the beach in Wilderness. Watch the guys jump off the hill over the highway and plop onto the beach two minutes later. Wanted to do the tandem paraglide but there's been no wind for two days now.  So that's all you would get, a jump off the hill straight onto the beach. Not really good enough. It makes a pretty picture though.

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