Thursday, 14 May 2015

Random ramblings on holiday - Part 3

So then drove through Plett (from Robberg, see part 2). Went to the whale view point, saw no whales. Hmm. But did see a beautiful beach and a restaurant. 

Drove around and found the way to the car park. Had prawns, very nice. A seagull was on the roof creeping closer and closer, giving me puppy dog eyes and hoping for a doggy bag ;-)

Then spent the afternoon on the beach. It was hot so there were quite a few people but I lay on the sand far, far, far away from everyone. Walking back I photographed the children's sand castles. Each had it's own style and personality, just as their homes will be in the future.

When I left I had to put the hire car into first gear up the hill. There's nothing after 1st, just a reluctant rolling back down. But we make it. Phew! ;-)

On the way back stopped off at Old Nick's Village. Lovely bunch of shops but I bought nothing. You heard right, nothing. Sat under the trees and had a vanilla milkshake and a coffee. Yum.
Milkshake then coffee. They were locking up but didn't rush me. Thanks, m'wah!

Packed up, ready to go. Fell asleep early, while reading.

Road to Wilderness. Wanted to get to the Sedgefield farmer's market and that closes at 11:30, had plenty of time. Ha, ha. Didn't make it.

Turned off to Buffalo Bay instead, my brother had mentioned it was a lovely beach. Awesome. Spent most of the day walking one end to the other.

Another sand castle, actually this was more of a fort. Two ninja turtles were guarding it, with some super-hero in a blue and black spandex outfit ;-) Jordan, who had built the fort told me that the blue guy was the boss.

He told me his father was fishing. He didn't like to fish but his brother did. His father and brother were having a fishing competition. Jordan and his mother were just sitting in the sun chatting and eating crisps. The baby was in the tent, in the shade.

Took a dip in the sea, twice, it was so refreshing. The area is actually Goukamma. I, of course, thought it was Koukamma. Dyslexia.

Found the beak of a Cape Gannet on the beach. Still had a bit of its neck, but most had been frayed away by the sea. Didn't photograph it. It looked too sad, it is sad.

How do fish die? Do they just stop swimming? If nothing eats them or no one catches them do they die of old age?

I lost a jersey today, I must have dropped it in the car park at Goukamma. Just as the weather turns and I needed it.

Anyway didn't stop in Kysna, it was already so busy, the traffic backing up, just before 10, ag nee wat, I don't want to be in a crowd.

Have been driving past a lot of places my brother had taken my dad and I to when we were down here years ago. He had gone to a lot of trouble to find places that were very interesting. That had been a very special few days.

Going to see him in a few day's time.

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