Thursday, 21 May 2015

Random ramblings on holiday - Part 5

I wonder how many rivers I have crossed during this trip. I know I didn't burn any ;-). There seems to be a bridge every few kilometres.  Each bridge is over a river. Should look it up on a map.

Ha, ha. I am reminded of a post on the internet where a Kenyan man arrived in London, 'discovers' the Thames and names it. Much like the conceited colonialist of old who, for example, discovers a lake in Malawi and names it and claims it, like it didn't exist before and had no name and no one had stood at its shores before and no one had taken a boat across it.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast for 10 days now, but not today thank you. Yes, its great but I need a little something different right now.

The yohurt has been so delicious, honestly, thick and creamy, you could almost mistake it for a dessert. Yum. Leeuwensbosch dairy.

Well, off to see my brother now. Its been a year or two.

So I leave Wilderness, up the hill and down the other side to Victoria Bay.  It very pretty. Great now because there's hardly anyone here. Must be claustrophobic in season, there can't possibly be enough space for everyone.

Still wondering if I should drive into George but it starts to rain so I keep driving. Soon I'm at my brother's house. Yay.

Spend the next few days with them. Chatting,  catching up, reminiscing. I bake bread, they make the soup. They make the chicken dish, I eat it ;-) We have a braai because that's what you do when family gets together.

They feed the pheasants daily, almost all day. Really, they hardly leave the property, life is that good for them. The little wipstertjie walks backwards and forwards on the deck waiting for the door to be left open,  then it walks through the house and out the other side. Flies onto the deck again and waits. Hmm, this little cutie and friends are given cheese.

Some lovely protea shrubs in the garden. And two golden orb spiders amongst the hydrangeas. Waterblommetjies in an old bathtub. The Waterblommetjie bredie, you must use lamb, is a yummy dish. You must try it.

We go to the local coffee shop and the beach. Its a lovely few days.

Voor jy jou oe kan uitvee, is die vakansie verby. I'm packing my shells, pebbles, sea sand and bits of drift wood into the suitcase.

I feel wonderfully relaxed, rested, healthy and strong. I have a bit of a tan. And a bit of hestitation, soon it'll be the routine of work and responsibilities again, but nothing another great holiday won't cure.

So on the back road to George airport. It's such a pretty drive.

A vast meadow of city lights can be seen from the air, seamlessly stretching from one horizon to the other.  Oh yes, we're back.

Can't wait to see the dogs again, and the family. Actually, its always good to be home.

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