Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Book review

Over the past few months I have read this pile of books.

A colleague at work asked if I had read A man called Ove, but I hadn't. It was obviously the flavour of the month because it was sold out everywhere. My colleague had downloaded to his Kindle but I'm old-school, I want to hold the book, feel the weight of it and turn the pages in anticipation. Eventually I found it and enjoyed it so much . A loveable, grumpy character with a heartbreaking story. As must-read, a book you lend to everyone you know.

As I read Nataniel's Zip I hear his voice recounting the stories. As lovely as always, humour with truth and sadness, a well-balanced combination.

Since I have enjoyed Matthew Quickest other books I bought this one too, Love may fail.

I have been waiting and waiting for the next Kopano Matlwa book and here it is at last - Period Pain. That great underlying sadness that was also present in Spilt Milk, with the catch-your-breath ending. I loved it, but not for everyone. 

Circling the Sun by Paula McLain was recommended by the Facebook group The Good Book Appreciation Society. A wonderful read, a book of fiction based on a real person, Beryl Markam. It kept me at home one weekend because I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the story by running errands. Amazing.

Argh, and now for the most disappointing book Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all. Boring, repetitive, shallow. Oh my word, after The Hundred-year-old man and The King of Sweden this is a huge letdown. It's not one of those books where you say: That's just my opinion, read it and judge for yourself. No, don't buy it, not worth it. I don't know if I will buy another Jonas Jonasson book. Ever.

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