Sunday, 15 January 2017


I was telling Nadine about the Zuckertüte because she is so worried about her son starting preschool. Will he adapt, will he cry, will he scream Mama all day? Well at least until lunchtime.

I told her that in Germany it is tradition for children to be given a Zuckertüte on their first day of school, a cone-shaped structure filled with sweets and treats to make the day brighter (sweeter). She said she wants one. Okay, then, because her son is starting school and she is starting a new job I made them one to share.

When my nieces started school I should have done one for them, but I never thought of it. I never got a Zuckertüte either, and I could have really done with some comfort that first day of school, the first year. A German child put in an English school, with no prior exposure to the language. It wasn't easy.
Dhuh khat sat on dhuh mat. I will never forget.

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