Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas Eve

Well, Christmas eve is over but I have only just downloaded the collage app so that I can create them on my phone.

My theme this year was Mainly White, so that it would be possible to have a white Christmas in Africa after all. I was afraid it might look too much like a wedding but it did not.

I had started to purchase all the items in July, I know, crazy. As well as the presents, I gathered things I liked and then decided who I would give them to, that way I seemed to have ended up with quite a few presents for myself, ha, ha.

The stars for the table I cut myself one evening and the twirly-wirlys took me a number of evenings to make up. The indoor tree was decorated in gold, silver, copper and bronze or as some prefer to call it, strawberry gold. I bought those white garden refuse bags and packed all the gifts inside, tied it up with a bow and so everyone's bag was placed under the tree. We baked the cookies when the girls were here so they could decorate them. My sister-in-law bakes the Stollen every year. It is absolutely delicious and I ate mine before I thought to photograph it. Oops.
I crocheted some white flowers and added paper snowflakes to make up a Christmas tree on the patio.
And so, another magical Christmas is over.
Thanks to my family for making it so very special.

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