Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Completing projects

The weekend started with rain. The sky was this one tone of grey, as though coloured by a lazy designer who couldn't be bothered to add contrasts or vignettes, who believes simplicity works best, and chose the colour to fit his mood. So a bubble bath, a cup of tea and my book. The benefit with this weather is you stay in and get all your projects done OR you watch movies all day. Hmmm, haven't decided yet. But I had already completed one task this morning before I went out for breakfast. A day like this requires something warmer and more nurturing than muesli, like chilli con carne and fried eggs on toast. I didn't need another meal all day. 

Returned home and finished another project, yay. I am so happy with how my tie-dyed throw and pillowcases turned out. I got the idea while I was at Weylandts, basically I copied what the had, made it up in different colours, I think mine looks way better, sorry Weylandt. My grandmother would be able to turn the pillowcases inside out and not find fault. She always said the inside should look as good as the outside. Because I don't have an overlocker I have to do a French seam. When I sewed things up for others I use the French seam but if it's something for me I just use the zigzag stitch. Sorry, gran. Tut mir lead, oma

After that the rain and Nora Jones set the mood for the rest of the day. We read and dozed and drank tea. Later watched a DVD and then sorted my DVDs and CDs. Tackled another project but didn't know should I add a patterned strip, should I keep it plain. So went to bed instead. 

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