Friday, 8 July 2016

A deal is a deal. A promise to keep.

Many months ago, probably 9 months, in an effort to get the work out I begged the freelancer to also stay late and finish the job she was working on. I said I would get her anything she wanted. Just tell me what you want. Ha, ha. When she said a Noddy doll I thought: That's easy, a piece of cake. Off I go to Hamleys the next weekend and to discover that, no, they don't have. I placed an order for one with them and am still waiting. I tried in every other toy store in Johannesburg - nothing. Sigh! 
Eventually I found this cute little Noddy at the Vintage Fair. Hallelujah! Thank you.
I am so happy that I kept my part of the deal, how ever late;-)

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