Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A place in time (at Nirox)

The winter sculpture exhibition closes next weekend, end July, so we spent Saturday afternoon at this wonderful park. Strolling along the paths, around the dams and on the banks of the river, from exhibit to exhibit. The sun just warm enough to make you mellow and slow your pace, taking the time to look at everything properly. Although looking didn’t bring clear understanding on some of the pieces.

I am also sure we missed a few, although not number 11, which you could have mistaken for a real spider’s web if it wasn’t numbered. I bought a catalogue but didn’t really consult it. I thought I would read through it later but I haven’t yet. Sigh.

There were monkeys running around, up the trees and a cat crouched in the grass not wanting to be seen. Benches and chairs placed to the edge of the water invited you to sit and indulge your laziness. Close your eyes and listen to nature. Bliss.

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