Friday, 8 July 2016

June flashback

1. I bought material to make another quilt. I enjoyed making the one earlier this year. I also want to apply what I learnt to show the improvement. 2. At last I am starting to use all the squares I have tie-dyed. 3. While we were in Durban we walked around the Moses Mabida stadium. I like that it is part of the city and so assessible. They should have done the same in Johannesburg, integrated it better into Joburg or Soweto. 4. Lunch at Weylandt. The food as beautiful was everything else there. 5. I enjoy the zigzag design on these stairs. The metal looks as pliable as a piece of paper. 6. I love the veld grass everywhere  at Freedom Park. 7. Once we were Warriors. This coat of arms, I must assume, once represented pride, loyalty and commitment. 8. Bunnychow at the Oyster Box. I asked the waiter to recommend something and he said it is the best in Durban. 9. Lighthouse at the Oyster Box. 10. Seating arrangement at Moyo. 11. Where we stayed when we were in Durban, on the beachfront. 12. Interior at the Oyster Box. 13. I only had coffee there but another patron ordered another helping of chips to take away because, she said, they were soooo good. 14. Pier at Umhlanga. 15. In bloom, a tree at Tinsel gallery. 16. Yummy birthday cake. Thanks. 17. Entrance at Tinsel gallery. Nikki exhibited her jewellery piece at the student show. Some very lovely stuff. 

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