Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Holy cow, the food is so good

To celebrate Chris' birthday he wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere he hadn't been before. I suggested the Holy Cow. He wasn't too sure about it, uhm he said, but that's where we went. We started with a cappuccino, because they don't have a liquor licence. Good coffee. Chris had Chicken Korma while Peter and I ordered the Sri Lankan chicken curry, although we had no clue what it meant. What it meant was incredibly delicious, lick-the-bowl scrumptious, we were so happy with our choice. A nice hour and a bit then back to the office.
In an ideal world we would have spend the afternoon there. Waited a few hours and ordered dessert with more coffee. Sigh!

I am sure I took almost the same photographs as before but no matter, I can't help myself, the place is lovely.

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