Friday, 8 July 2016

A rose is a rose, is one of thousands.

On Saturday morning I missed my exit on the highway, and because I had also googled Ludwig's Roses in Pretoria North, I decided this would be my new destination. That this was not my plan and that it was now 30km from where I wanted to be did not matter. A cappuccino and a slice of cake and a slow walk amongst the roses. Bliss. I bought 3 climbers. I hope they make it, I have not very successful with roses in the past, but it would be so divine if they would spread themselves across the walls of my house and flower, flower, flower all year round. Ha, ha. 

I only remember the names of two of them: Wedding Garland and Butterscotch. The another one is a small cream/apricot coloured rose.

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